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Use your Bright Horizons benefit this summer

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For many households, summertime brings schedule changes and the need for alternative caregiving plans. If you are still figuring out how to manage your summer schedule, now is the time to investigate what your Bright Horizons benefit has to offer.

Bright Horizons is a nationally known and trusted organization that offers center-based and in-home care for children and adults. They also provide access to virtual camps, virtual tutoring and pet care.

Benefits-eligible full-time and part-time employees have access to 15 days of "back-up care" per calendar year that can be used for the following Bright Horizons services:

Back-Up Care: Center-based or in-home care for your children, adult and elder family members during a lapse or breakdown in normal care arrangements. Bright Horizons will arrange temporary care for your children or elderly loved ones, and you are only responsible for a small co-pay with each reservation. Center-based co-pay is $15 for one child/day ($25 max for a family); in-home care co-pay is $6 per hour (up to three children).

Virtual Camps: One day of back-up care can be traded for access to a full day of live virtual activities/programs. There is no limit to the number of activities the child can join throughout the day. There is no co-pay for the employee to use this service.

Virtual Tutoring: One day of back-up care can be traded for four hours of virtual tutoring for 5- to 18-year-olds. There is a co-pay of $15 per reservation.

Pet Care: One day of back-up care can be traded for a $150 credit on Rover (credit valid for 90 days after the exchange takes place). There is no employee co-pay to use this service.

Also available to you is a free premium membership to Sittercity ($150 value) to quickly find reliable help to meet your family's needs, as well as to run free basic background checks on potential caregivers. And you get exclusive discounts on tutoring, STEM programs, summer camps and small-group classes for school-age children.

Details on this benefit can be found at You can also visit the Bright Horizons portal at or call the Bright Horizons 24/7 contact center at (877) 242-2737.‚Äč