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Summer hours program for full-time staff

Summer hours program for full-time staff

DePaul's Summer Hours Program for full-time staff employees, not currently on a continuous leave of absence, begins on Friday, June 17, through Friday, Sept. 2. For the College of Law, the Summer Hours period will extend from Friday, May 27, through Friday, Aug. 19, due to the college's semester schedule.

The Summer Hours Program allows full-time staff employees 3 p.m. Friday departures during the summer. For employees whose schedules cannot accommodate early departures, three additional summer floating holidays can be substituted.

Plan ahead with your manager to determine which Summer Hours method you will follow:

  • Method I: 3 P.M. Friday Departure - Each Friday during the summer, eligible employees will be allowed to end their workday at 3 p.m. and receive pay for the period not worked.
  • Method II: Summer Floating Holidays - Employees whose work requirements do not permit a regular 3 p.m. Friday departure may instead be granted three Summer Floating Holidays. Please note, Summer Floating Holidays must be taken in whole day increments. No other variation is allowed.

Either Method I or Method II must be selected by each manager for each eligible employee in their area prior to the Summer Hours start date each year. Each employee may only be under one method for the duration of the summer; switching between methods is not permitted. 

Visit the Office of Human Resources website​ for program guidelines and time reporting rules.