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2023 Summer Hours Program for full-time staff

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In recognition of the hard work and dedication of our full-time staff employees, DePaul provides additional time off during the summer. Through the Summer Hours Program, full-time staff employees can leave early on Fridays at 3 p.m., and those whose jobs cannot accommodate early departures are able to use three summer floating holidays.

This year's Summer Hours Program will be effective from Friday, June 16, through Friday, Sept. 1. For the College of Law, the Summer Hours period will extend from Friday, May 26, through Friday, Aug. 18, due to the college's semester schedule.

Before planning your Summer Hours, be sure to talk with your manager, who will need to ensure adequate coverage in your area. Regardless of the Summer Hours method you are using—3 p.m. early-Friday departures or three summer floating holidays—your time away from work through this program will need to be recorded in BlueSky.

Non-exempt and exempt employees should enter "summer hours" instead of "regular hours" to record time off due to the Summer Hours Program:

  • Use "summer hours" for 3 p.m. early-Friday departures
  • Use "summer days" for summer floating holidays
  • Note: If you are using three summer floating holidays, and your normally scheduled workday is seven hours, you may record a maximum of 21 hours.

For additional details about the Summer Hours Program, please refer to the university's Paid Holidays and Absences policy.

If you have any questions, you can reach out to the Benefits Team online or call (312) 362-8232 with questions.