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Merida Internship Extension Application

​​​ **Due February 8, 2023**

The Merida Spring Quarter Extension is designed to provide students with a deeper understanding of how the global economcy impacts marginalized urban communities in Mexico. Participants selected to extend their study abroad experience will continue to work in Emiliano Zapata Sur in Merida. Students will take two Spanish language classes to supplement their service-learning internship. Students choose between a selection of Advanced Spanish classes at the Autonomous University of the Yucatan (UADY) and enroll in CSS 395 Community Internship taught in Merida.

CSS 395 exposes students to career potentials in non-profits/NGOs and government agencies through an intensive internship experience. The Merida version of the course is specially designed to highlight the role of community-based organizations and higher education partners in Mexico. Students learn about the political economy of Mexico and the Yucatan, rural-urban migration, urban/peri-urban neighborhood development, and community organizing to address challenges to accessing education, healthcare, food and other services and resources. A major component of the course is a critical analysis of local leadership and the role of outsiders such as NGOs and universities in supporting local community development efforts.

CSS 395 includes a 100-hour internship that combines service with community-based research led by local residents. Students will continue to study Spanish, but will also have more intensive involvement at their current community placements. Students in the course can expect to be at their community sites for at least two days per week if not more. The internship is paid at the rate of $2000 over 10 weeks.

Please complete and submit the following application. Following your submission, you will have a Zoom interview with the Executive Director of the Steans Center.

The deadline for applications is February 8, 2023.

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