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Public School Internships

​​​​Public Schools Partnerships (PSP) is a division of the Egan Office of Urban Education and Community Partnerships (UECP) at the Steans Center for Community-based Service Learning. By drawing on UECPs long history of promoting social justice (as the former Egan Urban Center) and its deep reach into Chicago neighborhoods and schools, PSP offers opportunities to connect public school partners to community and university partners and resources.

Public School Internships (PSI) are the core of Public School Partnerships. PSI consists of a team of DePaul tutor/mentors who receive scholarship funding to work in public schools. Tutors work to enhance elementary student learning through tutoring, mentoring, and supplemental enrichment activities and by supporting and building community-school partnerships. The tutor/mentors are trained in asset-based approaches to community development and to identify ways in which DePaul and other organizations can support school and student success.

The PSI program aligns strongly with the DePaul’s strategic priorities to prepare students to be socially responsible future leaders and to pursue lifelong civic engagement. In the tradition of Monsignor John Egan, PSI tutor/mentors will learn about issues that impact communities and engage directly in action research, planning and programming aimed at addressing critical urban problems, alleviating poverty, and promoting social justice. Tutors must be willing to commit to tutoring with their assigned school for an entire academic year (three quarters).

PSI currently works with Leif Ericson Scholastic Academy, Lawndale Community Academy, Stephen Gale Community Academy, Henderson Elementary School, and Nixon Elementary School.​​

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