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With the advice and support of several close companions who were, in their own way, deeply spiritual and compassionate leaders, Vincent de Paul worked at transforming himself as a person to better serve others. In doing so, he practiced and preached a commitment to the values of simplicity, meekness, humility, and zeal.

Vincent advised his companions to “treat each person with courtesy and respect.” He was renowned for his ability to befriend both the very rich and the very poor.

Vincent encouraged collaboration and the practice of seeking out the opinion of others. He wrote: “It is not a fault to seek the advice of others. On the contrary, it is helpful, and sometimes necessary to do so when the matter is important, or when we are not well informed about it.”

  • Values:Being driven by values of honesty and integrity, striving for excellence
  • Inclusiveness:Treating others with respect and dignity, serving others regardless of race, gender, religion or position, sharing appropriate information with those at all levels of the organization, welcoming people who come with their problems, communicating enthusiasm and confidence to encourage teamwork
  • Openness:Learning and growing through an openness to receiving criticism and challenges from others, effectively communicating ideas and plans, delegating appropriately to encourage others to work independently

That's Vincentian leadership.

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Vincent and You

Effective leadership begins with self-leadership.  How aware are you of the values that underlie your own behaviors and interactions with others?  Can you, like Vincent, name your top four core values? What skills might help you to give and receive feedback more effectively?