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Vincent de Paul found meaning and purpose in life through serving others.

During his adult life, Vincent accompanied the poor, seeking them out to bring them comfort through personal attention and prayer. He empowered his friend and collaborator, Louise de Marillac, to join him by envisioning a role for religious women outside of the cloister. Together, they invited and trained young peasant girls to bring food and medicine to poor families. At the same time, Vincent enlisted aristocrats, as well as kings and queens, as partners in his efforts to provide more just and humane responses to those in need.

  • Social Justice: Practicing leadership more as a responsibility to serve than a position, working for social justice
  • Transformation: Seeking to transform the causes of poverty
  • Systemic Change: Challenging situations of injustice

That's Vincentian leadership.

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Vincent and You

In your daily life, how can you seek out opportunities to walk with others whose background is different from yours? To empower those less fortunate? To learn about and change unjust practices and policies?