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Like many men of his time, the young Vincent de Paul was driven by success, financial security and material possessions. By entering the priesthood, Vincent hoped to gain an education and the financial resources to escape his peasant background.

His encounters with the poverty and suffering of others, however, changed Vincent. A vision of his true calling to the priesthood took hold: to serve the poor and marginalized as Jesus did.

Vincent dedicated the remaining years of his life to innovative efforts to feed, clothe, house and spiritually nourish hundreds of infants, children, adults, elderly people, slaves and prisoners.

  • Vision: Inspiring a positive vision of the future, basing decisions on a strong sense of mission, articulating directions for the organization's future, finding inspiration through personal reflection or meditation
  • Innovation: Welcoming changes in methods and ideas from others, offering new perspectives and innovative ideas, looking outside the formal boundaries of the organization
  • Risk-taking: Viewing conflict as an opportunity to grow, welcoming innovation even when it involves risk

That's Vincentian leadership.

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Vincent and You

To further fulfill your own leadership potential, how can you engage in experiences that will help you clarify your goals and direction in life? How can you match your unique gifts and talents with the world's needs? How can you contribute to finding new solutions to current problems?