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Make the most of your DePaul benefits



Before the end of the calendar year is a great time to make sure you are making the most of your DePaul benefits. While some DePaul benefits are specific to employees who are benefits-eligible, there are others that apply to most employees at DePaul.

Below you'll find details about many of the employee benefits at DePaul. If you are not using these benefits, take some time to explore if they can help you now or in the future.

403(b) retirement plan: This benefit essentially offers “free" money through a matching contribution for eligible employees who contribute at least 5%. The matching contribution is currently 5% but will be reinstated to 10% starting Jan. 1, 2022. Even if you are not yet match eligible, all full- and part-time faculty and staff can enroll in the 403(b) retirement plan to take advantage of the opportunity to save on a tax-deferred basis.

The automatic increase program automatically increases your savings rate in increments of 1% each January. You may opt out at any time, change the timing of this automatic increase, or change your savings rate.

Caregiving support: Bright Horizons provides access to back-up care services for children and adults, including center-based and in-home care for eligible employees. The benefit also includes access to a comprehensive database of caregivers, pet-sitters, homework help and more. As an added benefit through the end of 2021, usual copays that apply to back-up care services are being waived, and the back-up care benefit can be used toward tutoring for children ages 5 to 18.

Employee Assistance Program: ComPsych GuidanceResources provides convenient, confidential access to counseling, online financial educational resources and legal support. Call center and short-term counseling experts can help you or your immediate family members. DePaul's benefit covers up to six free counseling sessions.

Demon Discounts: Being a part of a large university in an urban setting allows DePaul to partner with a multitude of vendors to provide discounts to students, faculty and staff. Before you purchase something or go out, see if there is a Demon Discount .

Vacation and paid holiday time: Eligible employees get generous paid time off through vacation time and paid holidays. To plan and request time off, please access the Time and Absences tile on the home page of

For this coming year, DePaul is increasing the maximum amount of carryover vacation hours from five to 10 days; so, you may carry over a maximum of 10 days of accrued vacation past Dec, 31, to be taken in 2022. For calendar year 2023, we will return to our standard carryover allotment of five days.

Transportation benefits: Employees can set aside pre-tax contributions for the reimbursement of travel expenses associated with commuting to and from work at DePaul.

Tuition benefits: DePaul offers tuition waiver and tuition exchange benefits for eligible employees as well as tuition discounts at DePaul College Prep for dependents of qualified employees.

You can find additional employee benefits information on the Human Resources website. If you have specific questions regarding your benefits, reach out to the Benefits Team at or (312) 362-8500.