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Course Home

The Cours​e Home is the landing page for a class in D2L. It contains widgets that provide various information. The News widget and Calendar widget are set by default, but instructors can modify the Course Home page to display other pieces of information as well.

Calendar widget

The Calendar widget displays any due dates and end dates that instructors have set up on learning activities. It may also display links to Zoom meetings. Because these dates need to be set up, not all classes use them. Be sure to check the course syllabus for official due dates on all assignments.

News widget

The News widget can be used by instructors for class announcements. Other widgets, like Activity Feed, may be used instead.

Notifications from this widget are delivered within D2L. To receive these announcements, select Your Name in D2L, then select Notifications [A]. Use the options on this page to set up text or email notifications.

dropdown menu from selecting name