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Annual Staff Performance Appraisal Reminder

Laptop showing performance goals in Blue Sky

With the 2020-21 staff performance appraisal period having ended on June 30, now is the time for employees and managers to ensure that the performance appraisal is completed by Sept. 1 and to set goals for 2021-22.

It is recommended that performance review meetings occur between managers and employees no later than mid-August. This will allow time to complete the process and to submit appraisals via BlueSky to the Office of Human Resources by Sept. 1.

While the process is the same, forms for full- and part-time staff employees are now available through the “Career and Performance” tile in BlueSky. Since this is the first year that the performance appraisal documentation is in BlueSky, we have several training options to support you:

As a reminder, the inputting of the current performance period goals was delayed this year as we transitioned the university’s human resources applications to BlueSky. If goals have not yet been entered and approved in BlueSky, employees should enter them in advance of the performance appraisal. Once the goals are in and approved, employees will need to update their performance document before beginning the self-evaluation. You can find instructions for updating your performance document by searching "Update goals in performance document" in the BlueSky Help Tool on the right side of your BlueSky homepage.

The Workplace Learning and Performance team is here to support you during the university’s annual staff performance appraisal process. Just reach out with your questions.

Please note that the performance appraisal process is different for student employees. For more information about student employee performance appraisals, please visit the Office of Student Employment website.