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Welcome to our eLearning portal!

We are pleased to present the following eLearning module on leadership coaching to help you reach your goals. 
We plan to provide additional modules soon.

Module: Introduction to Leadership Coaching

This introduction provides a review of the basic principles and practices of leadership coaching. You also will learn how to use the GROW Model developed by Sir John Whitmore in your coaching practice.

Each segment of this introduction to leadership coaching includes three parts:
1. Video – a short introduction to essential coaching principles and practices by Elizabeth A. Kaye, executive leadership coach and consultant
2. Handout – a one-page PDF for you to read for further learning and reflection
3. Assignment – a one-page PDF with an activity to help you further integrate and apply what you are learning

On your own, these materials will help you learn more about why coaching is a very effective tool for enhancing personal growth and behavioral change. They also will help you begin to plan how you will continue to improve your coaching skills.

However, to get the full benefit of this eLearning experience, we recommend that you engage with the materials along with two or three colleagues in order to have the opportunity to practice coaching with one another.  You can begin by using the GROW Model with one another.

We are deeply grateful to our two experienced leadership coaches and colleagues, Elizabeth A. Kaye and Mary McGuinness, for collaborating with us in creating this eLearning experience.

Permission to use the GROW Model is kindly given by Performance Consultants International and the estate of Sir John Whitmore.


Video: Why Coaching Maximizes Leadership Effectiveness

Handout: Coaching Learning Objectives

Assignment: Personal and Group Reflection Process 

Part 1

Video: Cut to the Chase: Two Bottom-Line Questions About Coaching

Handout: Preparing for the Coaching Conversation

Assignment: Coaching Skills Assessment

Part 2

Video: What Leadership Coaching Is and Is Not

Handout: Coaching Your Team

Assignment: Coaching Personal Action Plan

Part 3


Handout: G.R.O.W. Coaching Model

Assignment: Coaching Practice in Triads

Next Steps

The best way to learn how to be a coach is to be coached yourself.  We will be happy to talk with you more about what that entails.

We also will appreciate hearing your feedback on the elements of this eLearning experience.

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