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Apply to Graduate

Close up of graduate at commencement

Step 1: Apply for Degree Conferral

Degree conferral is the completion of your academic requirements and the awarding of your degree. To be eligible to participate in the commencement ceremony you must first apply for degree conferral in Campus Connect

For deadline dates and more information on how to apply please follow the instructions available from DePaul Central.​​​ For further questions please contact​ DePaul Central at 312-362-8610 or​​​​​ 

Step 2: RSVP to Attend Commencement

Once you have applied for degree conferral, you are eligible to RSVP to attend commencement via Campus Connect. In the application you will need to provide the phonetic spelling of your name.  Please follow the DePaul Phonetic Spelling Guide.pdf 

Step 3: Purchase your Cap and Gown

The link to purchase your Cap and Gown will be available mid-Winter Quarter.