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Cap & Gown

The deadline for advance purchase of your cap and gown has passed. Students can still purchase their cap and gown package at Commencement Kickoff -- visit the webpage for Kickoff dates and times. 

If you are unable to attend Kickoff, you may send someone to buy your cap and gown for you. Your representative will need an email or letter from you giving permission, along with the following information: your DPU ID number, your contact info, and your college and major information. 

The prices for the regalia packages are:
  • ​Bachelor Package $66.98 plus tax
  • Master Package $100.98 plus tax
  • Doctor Package $124.98 plus tax

After the ceremony, students may keep their cap and gown. Our vendor uses  environmentally-friendly fabric to manufacture DePaul's regalia packages. Students may wear stoles and cords, and may decorate their cap.​

If you have questions or concerns about cap and gown affordability, or the cost of the cap and gown may prevent you from participating in the commencement ceremony, please contact the Office of Academic Events at All inquiries will be kept confidential.

Commencement Kickoff Event  

At Commencement Kickoff you will receive important information needed for commencement day:
  • ​Check your college's Commencement Kickoff date and time. See schedule below.
  • Get involved with Career Services and Alumni Relations.
    • Learn how to obtain a legacy cord.
  • ​Meet with your College Representative to obtain your reader card and day of ceremony details.
  • Pick up your six (6) guest tickets.
  • Pick up your cap and gown (if you chose the campus pick up).
  •  A photographer from ​GradImages will be on-site during Kickoff if students would like to sit for pictures in their cap and gown. If you had your cap and gown shipped to your home​ remember to bring it with you for photos. A diploma cover prop will be available at the photo shoot.
For questions regarding Commencement Kickoff Event, email us. 

Commencement Kickoff Schedule ​