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Events & Workshops

Teaching Commons Partners sponsor events and workshops open to the DePaul community throughout the year. Are you looking for certificate programs for faculty and/or staff? Visit the Programs page​.

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    Teaching Commons Workshop Series

    These workshops cover a range of teaching-related topics and are offered every quarter on both campuses and, for some sessions, online.

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  • 2014 Fall Forum

    Fall Forum on Teaching & Learning

    Faculty from across DePaul’s colleges and schools connect with one another at the beginning of the academic year and share strategies for teaching and learning .

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  • 2015 Conference

    Teaching and Learning Conference

    A spring tradition at DePaul for over twenty years, faculty and instructional staff are invited to share what works in the classroom with their peers.

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  • Instructional Technology Events

    DePaul offers a variety of opportunities for faculty to learn about new technologies, from one-hour workshops to intensive courses that span several weeks.

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Community Calendar

The community calendar is a comprehensive list of events such as the Teaching Commons Workshops Series, as well as events hosted by our partners. Email us to learn how you can share your teaching and learning event here.

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