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Center for Students with Disabilities

The Center for Students with Disabilities (CSD) is dedicated to the provision of services, resources, knowledge, and skills needed to expedite integration for students with disabilities in every aspect of the DePaul college experience. The CSD is committed to working collaboratively with students and instructors to implement academic accommodations that are necessary for equity. The CSD advocates for an inclusive and accessible campus that enables all students to equally participate and experience college life at DePaul University.

To be considered for CSD enrollment students must already be accepted to DePaul and must self-identify with the CSD. Students are required to provide the CSD with disability documentation from a licensed professional provider. CSD staff review all submitted documentation. Upon satisfactory verification, the CSD will work with the student to establish accommodations and support services.


Approved accommodations are intended to provide equal academic footing for students with disabilities. Accommodations are not designed to alter learning expectations or impair the academic integrity of the course. Students with accommodations are expected to demonstrate the same knowledge and skill development as their peers.

Faculty receive an automatic email alert at the beginning of the term from the CSD system indicating CSD students are in their course(s). Faculty instructions for CSD access includes procedures on how to access student information and test requests.

How We Assist Faculty

The CSD certifies a student’s disability(s) and informs pertinent faculty of approved accommodations. Students grant the CSD permission to communicate with faculty. Information is confidential and is based upon a need-to-know basis only. The CSD is happy to assist faculty with the implementation of accommodations. Responsibilities for both faculty and students will be clarified by the CSD.

The CSD will also:

  • Consult with faculty on the implementation of inclusive instruction so that course barriers can be removed.
  • Assist faculty with student support during a health emergency.
  • Collaborate with faculty to overcome student difficulties when traditional accommodations are not appropriate to the situation.
  • Provide information and training on accessibility and accommodations.

The CSD determines whether DePaul University students qualify for enrollment with the CSD. The CSD works collaboratively with students to determine the nature of their disability and the need for individual reasonable accommodations. The CSD approves assigned accommodations.

The CSD also provides:

  • Ongoing individualized support and problem-solving for disability-related issues.
  • Clinician services to support students with executive functioning and other learning challenges.
  • On-demand walk-in service to assist with critical or emergent situations.
  • Academic support services for students with incomplete grades or academic probation.
  • Campus referrals and community resources.

We encourage all faculty to explore and collaborate with the CSD. Our commitment is to support students, faculty, administration, and staff so that all students can achieve success.

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