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Global Learning Experience

​ What is GLE?

The Global Learning Experience (GLE), DePaul University's virtual exchange program, is aimed at supporting you as an instructor to structure collaborative international learning experiences, facilitated by technology, between your students and students from international partner institutions. In this program, you connect with an international partner who teaches in a similar discipline, attend a professional development workshop facilitated by the Center for Teaching and Learning, develop a GLE project with concrete goals and deliverables, and implement it in one of your existing courses. GLE projects vary in scope and duration, but typically last between six and eight weeks. Funds to support GLE projects are available as part of the program.

A GLE course can also satisfy one of the requirements for completion of the Global Fluency Certificate (for undergraduate students). Learn more here.

Map showing countries where GLE projects have been conducted across the world. 136 GLEs implemented in 29 countries, with 2069 students participating and 279 instructors trained.

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DePaul’s current strategic plan, Grounded in Miss​ion, recognizes the importance of GLE as one of the many tools to achieve our strategic priority 3: Excel in preparing all students for global citizenship and success. Traditional global mobility of students through study abroad involves only a small percentage of DePaul students; GLE adds the potential to reach a significantly larger portion of our student body, striving to prepare all students for global citizenship.