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New to DePaul

In addition to reviewing the resources here, new faculty should always read the Faculty Handbook, review DePaul’s policies and procedures, and contact their department chair or program director for information that is specific to their department.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I view my roster?

  1. Log into Campus Connect.
  2. Under "Main Menu," select "Self Service" > "Faculty Center" > "Faculty Center."
  3. Click on the Class Roster icon for your course under "My Teaching Schedule."

How do I access my DePaul email?

There are a number of ways you can access your DePaul email.​​

How do I order books?

Although the procedure for ordering books varies from department to department, most instructors place their own orders online through the official Barnes & Noble DePaul University Bookstore. Read more...

How do I place materials on reserve for my students?

The University Library manages the course reserves system at DePaul.

What is Desire2Learn (D2L) and how do I use it?

Desire2Learn (D2L) is DePaul's Learning Management System (LMS). All course sections at DePaul are automatically assigned a course site in D2L, where instructors can post materials, facilitate online discussions, collect and return student work, enter and track grades, and so on. Learn more about D2L.

I got an email about a survey in “BlueStar”--what do I have to do?

Each quarter there are two surveys you need to complete in BlueStar. You will receive email notifications with directions on how to complete them.

  1. The first survey is the Attendance/Participation Verification Survey and is circulated in the first week of the academic quarter. It asks you to verify your students’ attendance in face-to-face sections or participation in online courses. This information is required for DePaul to comply with federal/state regulations and inform students that they have not attended/participated in a course.
  2. The second survey is the Academic Progress Survey and is circulated during the middle of the quarter. It asks you to raise any concerns you have about students’ academic performance (flags) or give praise (kudos) if they are exceeding your expectations.

Learn more about BlueStar.

How do I submit grades at the end of the quarter?

Faculty are required to submit official course grades using Campus Connect.

What software is available to me and my students at DePaul?

​Members of the DePaul community have access to a variety of software titles, many for free or at a steep discount. Visit software.depaul.edu to learn more.

Note: Do you have a burning question that is not addressed in the FAQ section above? Email us and let us know.

Top Ten List for New Faculty

Don’t have a lot of time to spend combing through this site? Check out some of the pages below for information you’ll want to know prior to teaching at DePaul for the first time.

  1. Creating Course Objectives and Learning Outcomes
  2. Constructing a Syllabus
  3. Choosing Course Materials
  4. Assignment Design Strategies
  5. Making the First Day Matter
  6. Active Learning
  7. Checking in on Students’ Learning
  8. Feedback & Grading – Rubrics
  9. Responding to Plagiarism
  10. Teaching Commons Workshop Series

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