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Fall Forum on Teaching and Learning

​​​​​​​ Each year the Fall Forum on Teaching and Learning brings together faculty from across DePaul's colleges and schools to connect with one another and share strategies for teaching and learning. The Fall Forum kicks off the academic year with an event focused on pedagogy, complementing the annual Teaching and Learning Conference in the spring.
  • Inclusive Teaching Through Active Learning (2022)

    Teaching strategies that emphasize structured active learning can create more equitable classrooms and improve learning for all students.​
  • Trauma-informed Pedagogy (2021)

    The 2021 Teaching and Learning Conference considered the notion of psychological trauma– why it happens and how it impacts our body and brain? The Keynote and discussion examined the connections between stress and trauma and how stress can become traumatic when not managed.
  • Small Ideas, Big Impact (2020)

    Small Ideas for Big Learning: Lessons learned after the rapid switch to online teaching in the Spring of 2020.​
  • Bandwidth Recovery (2019)

    ​The 2019 Fall Forum will address  helping students reclaim cognitive resources lost to poverty, racism, and other “differentisms.”
  • Teaching in Today's Political Climate (2018)

    The 2018 Fall Forum on Teaching and Learning addressed the complexity and challenges of teaching in a time of increasing political polarization.​
  • Race & Social Identity (2017)

    ​Race and social identity is especially important to the DePaul community given the university’s commitment to creating and maintaining an inclusive learning environment.
  • Idea-Based Learning (2016)

    Idea-based learning is a process for developing college instruction that has a clear purpose, is systematically-situated in the curriculum, and improves student learning in measurable ways​.
  • Teaching Through Civic Engagement (2015)

    The theme of 2015’s Fall Forum on Teaching and Learning—“Teaching Through Civic Engagement: Doing Good Well”—reflects the university’s core value of service to others and the oft-quoted exhortation from St. Vincent DePaul, “It is not enough to do good; it must be done well.”
  • Perseverance (2014)

    The theme of 2014’s Fall Forum on Teaching and Learning—"Can You Teach Perseverance?"—spoke to DePaul’s stated commitment to the education of first generation college students.
  • Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (2013)

    Peggy Maki, author of "Assessing for Learning: Building a Sustainable Commitment Across the Institution(Stylus, 2010), focused on how faculty members can cultivate a culture of scholarly inquiry to improve student learning.
  • Creative and Critical Thinking (2012)

    Stephen Brookfield, a noted scholar in the field of adult education, focused on ways we can explore alternative perspectives in the classroom and shared teaching techniques that encourage creative & critical thinking by our students.