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Teaching at DePaul

  • New to DePaul

    New to DePaul

    Helpful information for new faculty at DePaul, including Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) a "Top Ten" resource list, and more.

  • SoTL Grant Recipients
  • Online Teaching Evaluations

    Online Teaching Evaluations

    Course evaluations at DePaul are conducted entirely online and are available to students via mobile devices.
  • Academic Integrity

    Academic Integrity

    DePaul is a learning community that promotes the intellectual development of each individual within the community, and as such expects all members to adhere to standards for academic honesty.
  • BlueStar


    BlueStar in Campus Connect is intended to improve the way we work across colleges and allow us to help many more students be successful at DePaul.
  • Internal Grants

    Internal Grants

    Faculty can apply for a number of internal grants aimed at enhancing teaching and learning.
  • Committees


    Faculty have the opportunity to serve on committees that have a measurable impact on teaching and learning at DePaul.

  • DePaul Students

    DePaul Students

    Learn more about DePaul's diverse student population here.

  • Explore Your Purpose

    Explore Your Purpose

    Explore Your Purpose (EYP) is a mission-based initiative to foster more intentional purpose exploration and vocational discernment among students, staff and faculty at DePaul consistent with DePaul’s Catholic-Vincentian heritage and mission. ​


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