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Internal Grants

​​​​​This list features internal DePaul grants for enhancing instruction. The University Research Council provides assistance for other types of funding, with a focus on research.

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Grants

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The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) requests proposals for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) Grant Program during the early fall of each academic year. The primary goal of the program is to provide funding support (up to $2,500) to any faculty or instructional staff member at DePaul University who pursue rigorous investigation on teaching and learning and make public their findings in suitable peer-reviewed outlets.

In January of 2014, the University Faculty Council endorsed the following definition of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning:

“[SoTL is] the rigorous investigation of student learning, with the purpose of developing novel teaching methodologies and practices that can lead to the measurable enhancement of student learning. The results of the investigation are made public through quality scholarly outlets and widely-accepted conferences and general or discipline-specific journals.”

This definition makes it clear that SoTL in its own right aligns naturally with DePaul’s mission. In fact, one of the central purposes stated by DePaul University mission regards research broadly:

“Research is supported both for its intrinsic merit and for the practical benefits it offers to faculty, students, and society. Broadly conceived, research at the university entails not only the discovery and dissemination of new knowledge but also the creation and interpretation of artistic works, application of expertise to enduring societal issues, and development of methodologies that improve inquiry, teaching and professional practice.”

Moreover, the definition explicitly requires that any SoTL work lead to measurable improvement of student learning—not just students’ perceptions of learning. Because the focus is on student learning, the definition allows for research in any discipline and the use of a diverse array of methodologies. SoTL research, thus, may be quantitative or qualitative in nature and may focus on class, course, program, department, cross-department, and co-curricular levels. Finally, SoTL work is expected to be made public and peer reviewed in some way.

Deadlines and Submission

Proposals are due to the Center for Teaching and Learning by Friday, September 16th, 2022 and should be submitted online below. Award recipients will be notified by Friday, October 14th, 2022. Selected recipients will need to submit a final report for the grant project to CTL by September 1st, 2023.


  • Project Eligibility: Any new SoTL research project that contributes to our knowledge of the scholarship of teaching of learning will be eligible for funding. SoTL projects continuing work already in progress and projects that focus only on dissemination of prior research are not eligible for funding.
  • PI Eligibility:  All faculty and staff with teaching/learning responsibilities at DePaul are eligible to apply, with the exception of CTL staff members and SoTL grant proposal reviewers.

Funding Guidelines

Eligible expenses may include:

  • Materials and supplies.
  • Stipends for student research assistants. Note that funding may not be used to pay nor provide incentives to any faculty or staff member.
  • Travel and registration fees for teaching seminars or workshops directly related to the research question being addressed in the project.
  • Travel to promote collaboration on the project.
  • Travel and registration fees to disseminate, in appropriate conferences, the outcomes or final results of the research project.
  • Publication cost of the outcomes or final results of the research project in quality scholarly outlets such as peer-reviewed general or discipline-specific journals.
  • Participant incentives limited to 30% of the approved funding.

Review Process

Research proposals will be peer reviewed by a selection committee which will include several members of the Society of Vincent DePaul Professors. Given the limited award money available, the review committee has the difficult task of approving funding for only a few of the best research proposals based upon whether or not the proposals align with definition of SoTL endorsed by the University Faculty Council, and then on the level at which the proposals meet the following SoTL criteria:

Purpose Proposal clearly defines purpose of the project
Proposal clearly identifies a teaching/learning issue
Proposal makes a compelling argument for the need for systematic & rigorous investigation of the proposed research topic
Proposal clearly identifies a measurable research question
Theoretical Framework Proposal includes a clear description of relevant literature
Proposal clearly describes how the project fits into or builds on existing literature
The bibliography indicates sufficient familiarity with relevant literature to make a contribution to the field
Research Proposal clearly describes the research design
Proposal clearly explains how the research design is appropriate for the research question
Proposal clearly describes the type of data that will be collected, how it will be collected, & how it will be analyzed
Impact Proposal indicates potential for significant impact on development of novel teaching methodologies and practices
Dissemination of Results Proposal clearly identifies plans to share results of the project, both within DePaul &/or outside of DePaul in quality scholarly outlets
Plan & Timeline Proposal clearly defines a project plan
The project timeline clearly aligns with the project plan
Budget Proposal includes a detailed, itemized budget of how funds will be used, including external funds secured &/or matching funds from DePaul University (including in-kind contributions)


All SoTL funded proposals are expected to meet the requirements listed below. Failure to meet these requirements may result in ineligibility for future funding.

  • Evidence of having applied for IRB approval or exemption.
  • Evidence of IRB approval, when applicable, before any granted funding can be made available.
  • A final narrative including a summary of palpable and reportable results of the funded SoTL project, and a final expense report must be submitted to the CTL by September 1st, 2023. The report may be published on the CTL website or Teaching Commons.
  • A blog entry to disseminate findings or lessons learned from the research project. The entry will be published on the Center for Teaching and Learning's Instructional Design and Development Blog.
  • Presentation of the funded SoTL research project (in progress or completed) within DePaul or outside DePaul by June 30th, 2023. One possible avenue would be the DePaul Teaching and Learning Conference in spring quarter.
  • Explicit recognition of this funding source in all presentations or publications of the project.


Please download and complete your proposal using the templates below: 

Submit Completed Proposal

Once you have finished writing your proposal and completing the CV template, please upload both documents using the form below.

Submit Proposal

Grant Recipients

Grant recipients submit final reports documenting their projects. If you are a grant recipient, please download a grant closure report template to be used for your final report.

View Recipients​​

Quality of Instruction Council (QIC) Grants

The Quality of Instruction Council (QIC) supports faculty efforts to enhance the curricular offerings of DePaul University by awarding grants to individual faculty, groups of faculty, and departments. Submissions are completed in Campus Connect. Grant deadlines are October 15 and March 15.

  • Collaborative Instruction Fellow Stipids are intended to foster interdisciplinary curricular innovation within degree-granting programs at DePaul and provide support up to $4,000 for each faculty.
  • Competitive Instructional Grants provide up to $3,500 in support of curricular or pedagogical innovations designed to enhance the quality of degree-credit instruction at DePaul. The Council accords highest priority to projects that promise a significant impact on the quality of teaching, including improvements in the assessment of student achievement. 
  • Departmental Initiative Grants provide up to $5,000 in support of initiatives designed to strengthen teaching and assessment in degree-credit curricula. These projects will involve a portion of the unit's full-time faculty in significant curricular reform or in pedagogical innovations to improve teaching. 
  • And more—review the Quality of Instruction Council website for the complete list of grants.

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Public Service Council (PSC) Grants

The Public Service Council (PSC) assists faculty in incorporating meaningful public service and service learning into their coursework. The council currently supports grant programs for instruction and research as well as a series of annual faculty awards for service. Inquiries may be directed to PSC@depaul.edu. Grant proposals are submitted in Campus Connect and the deadlines are October 15 for the fall and March 15 for the spring.

  • Service Learning Instructional Grants are designed to increase the opportunities for DePaul students to incorporate meaningful public service and service learning into their course work. Public service is understood as activities that carry resources from the university into the community. Service learning courses benefit both students and the community. Up to $4,500 will be provided to DePaul faculty and may include a summer stipend.
  • Departmental Service Learning Grants provide up to $5,000 in support of initiatives that have broad curricular impact and lead to the integration of public service or service learning opportunities into a department or program curriculum. Long-term connections between outside organizations and DePaul departments are expected to be developed in collaboration with the Steans Center. Grant deadlines are October 15 and March 15.
  • And more - check the Public Service Council website for a full listing of available grants.

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Diversity & Inclusion Grants

The Associate Provost for Diversity and Inclusion requests proposals for the Diversity and Inclusion Initiative Grants at DePaul (DIIG@DePaul) Program. The overall goal of this funding opportunity is to leverage the talents, passion, wisdom, and expertise of our diverse faculty to help DePaul University become the most welcoming and inclusive campus environment it can be. Accordingly, the DIIG@DePaul Program aims at empowering faculty to become active and engaging advocates for diversity in order to create a university community where all individuals feel truly appreciated and where their contributions are seriously considered and respected. Under the leadership of our President, Gabriel Esteban, and as stated in part 2 of the University Grounded in Mission strategic plan “We will nurture an inclusive and welcoming community in which every member is empowered to express themselves fully and supported to realize their full potential… to improve their sense of belonging and their overall experience at DePaul."

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