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Career Center resources
The Career Center is committed to helping DePaul students develop the workplace skills and meaningful connections vital to succeed in today’s job market. Faculty are important partners in fulfilling this commitment; we work together to ensure our students understand how their academic experiences and choices align with major and career decisions and leave DePaul well-equipped for their post-graduate pursuits.

The Career Center is also a faculty resource. Please refer students our way for assistance and feel free to contact us for industry-, job- and internship-related information and support.

Career Center Services

Career Advising

College-specific career advisors are available to answer questions about choosing a major, developing a resume, preparing for the interviewing process, job search strategies and more. Career advisors can also visit your class, deliver a presentation customized to your students' major and share information on relevant opportunities, resources and events.​

Career Exploration Tools & Assessments

We have a series of “What Can I Do With a Major In…” guides that can assist students in their career and major exploration. Career Advisors also administer Strong Interest Explorer and Myers Briggs Indicator assessments to help students identify career paths that best suit their preferences and interests.

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Alumni Sharing Knowledge

The Alumni Sharing Knowledge (ASK) program is a network of over 3,000 alumni and friends of DePaul who offer career guidance to students and alumni as they launch their careers and pursue their goals.

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Events & Workshops

The Career Center offers free career development workshops throughout the year, as well as networking events that help students explore professions, learn about industries and connect with alumni and professionals.

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Job & Internship Fairs

Students can connect with hundreds of employers each year at DePaul’s annual Job & Internship Fairs at both general and industry-specific events.

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Job & Internship Postings


Handshake is DePaul’s hub for job and internship listings, career fair and event registration, mentor connections and more. Students may log in using their Campus Connect credentials.

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Campus Job Board

Students can search and apply for on-campus jobs through our Office of Student Employment’s Campus Job Board.

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Career Development Resources For You and Your Students

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Career Readinesss Resources

Find career readiness resources that you can adopt in your courses, including pre-built modules in D2L and other resources that you can adopt.

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Career & Life Experiences Courses

Students can earn academic credit while engaging in workplace learning at an internship or job.

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Career Center Staff Expertise Areas

The Career Center staff offers more than student advising. We can provide insight into industry trends, information on DePaul’s graduates, connections to employer partners and alumni, and much more. Let’s connect!

What Do DePaul Students Do After Graduation?

Each year, the Career Center surveys DePaul’s graduating class to assess their post-graduation employment status and continuing education goals. Read about where DePaul students go and what they do after graduation in our annual graduate outcom​es reports.