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  • How Students Learn

    How Students Learn

    Faculty often begin course design by focusing on the course content—what to teach. It is equally important to consider what students need to learn, and how learning works in general.
  • Course Design

    Course Design

    Good course design requires good planning, from identifying student learning outcomes, to choosing appropriate learning experiences and constructing a syllabus.

  • Instructional Methods

    Instructional Methods

    Instructional methods—that is to say, the different forms that instruction can take—range from the traditional lecture-based approach to to facilitating discussions, collaborative learning activities, and more.

  • Assignment Design

    Assignment Design

    Designing effective assignments--much like designing effective courses--requires careful planning, with particular attention to how each assignment relates to your students' learning outcomes.

  • Feedback and Grading

    Feedback and Grading

    Feedback and grades are the primary means of communicating to your students how they are performing in your class.

  • Learning Activities

    Learning Activities

    When designing learning activities for your course, carefully consider how each activity aids your students in achieving the learning outcomes you've established for the course.

  • Technology


    Learn how to effectively use the technological tools that are available to DePaul faculty.

  • Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

    Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

    The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) is a growing discipline dedicated to taking teaching and learning as serious intellectual work.
  • Reflective Practice

    Reflective Practice

    Reflecting on our work enables us to engage in a process of lifelong learning and incremental improvement in our teaching practices.

  • Teaching in a Global Classroom

    Teaching in a Global Classroom

    Resources for engaging international students and teaching in a global classroom.​
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