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Reflective Practice

  • Teaching Effectiveness

    Teaching Effectiveness

    Teaching effectiveness should be intentionally linked to the specific context where it is being evaluated. Communities should explicitly identify the values and assumptions that underpin their understanding of what it means to be an effective teacher and that inform what they define as best practices.
  • Teaching Observations

    Teaching Observations

    ​​​This page is for faculty who observe others’ courses, faculty whose courses are observed, and administrators hoping to develop or revise a peer observation process for faculty in their departments.
  • Teaching Philosophies

    Teaching Philosophies

    Teaching philosophies are written reflections that use specific examples to articulate and demonstrate instructors' beliefs about teaching and learning.
  • Teaching Portfolios

    Teaching Portfolios

    A teaching portfolio is a representation of your identity as a teacher. An effective portfolio conveys a coherent message about your beliefs and approaches to teaching and offers specific evidence to support that message.

Get Started on Your Teaching Portfolio

The Teaching and Learning Certificate Program is rooted in reflective practice. Program participants create or revise their teaching portfolios and teaching philosophies as part of the program.

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