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Learning Activities

  • The First Day

    The First Day

    In the first class meeting, engaging our students in central themes of the course sends the message that we are excited and eager to help our students learn in this course and that the time they invest in coming to class matters.
  • Checking Students' Learning

    Checking Students' Learning

    Classroom Assessment Techniques (commonly called CATs) are brief classroom activities designed to help shape and focus subsequent teaching based on students’ current understanding and ongoing learning needs.
  • In-Class Writing

    In-Class Writing

    Adding in-class writing to your teaching repertoire can increase student learning and engagement with course materials and support deeper understanding of and participation in lecture and discussion.
  • Activities for Metacognition

    Activities for Metacognition

    Metacognition, or thinking about one’s thinking, is key to facilitating lasting learning experiences and developing lifelong learners.
  • Active Learning

    Active Learning

    Active learning more often than not involves students working together toward a common goal. 
  • Avoiding Plagiarism

    Avoiding Plagiarism

    Because plagiarism is an important issue for you as an instructor, engage your students in one or more of the following in-class activities so that the understand the issues at stake in your particular course and discipline.
  • Purpose Exploration

    Purpose Exploration

    ​Engage students and others in intentional purpose exploration consistent with DePaul’s Vincentian mission by using resources that have been developed as part of the Explore Your Purpose effort.​
  • Peer Buddies & Working Groups

    Peer Buddies & Working Groups

    Grouping students into peer buddies or peer working groups gives students additional opportunities to interact and learn.​
  • Backchannel Communication

    Backchannel Communication

    Instructors can leverage backchannel communications to engage students in their classes.


Learning Activities Guide

Download a guide with more than 70 collaborative learning activities for you and your students. Thanks to Supplemental Instruction at DePaul University for creating and sharing this valuable resource.

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