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University Center for Writing-based Learning (UCWbL)

The University Center for Writing-based Learning (UCWbL) works with all members of the DePaul University community to support writers and to promote the use of writing in teaching and learning.

UCWBL Website

Invite the Writing Center to Class

The Writing Center offers short informational presentations to course about the services we provide to writers. An experienced Writing Center Tutor can visit your class to discuss our services with your students.

The Writing Fellows Program

As you plan your courses, consider working with Writing Fellows—highly talented and extensively trained peer writing tutors who work with classes across DePaul University.

Faculty Consultations

To offer feedback, guidance, encouragement, and ideas on a range of topics related to teaching and writing. UCWbL Director Matthew Pearson is available for one-on-one consultation.

Workshops on Writing and Teaching

To help instructors to teach writing and incorporate writing into their teaching, the UCWbL offers customized, hands-on in class workshops. A small team of experienced workshop facilitators will visit your class to lead a workshop on any aspect of writing.

ePortfolio Support

All UCWbL staffed are trained and experienced with creating ePortfolios in Digication. To get help, faculty members are welcome to make appointments with Writing Center Tutors or visit ePortfolios@DePaul for help guides.