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Teaching and Learning Conference

​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Teaching and Learning Conference occurs each spring and is the premier teaching and learning event at DePaul. Every year, dozens of faculty and staff share best practices in teaching and learning with hundreds of their peers.

  • 28th Annual Teaching and Learning Conference (2023)

    The 28th Annual Teaching and Learning Conference featured Dr. Nancy Gleason, discussions on the state of AI in higher education, and a series of concurrent sessions. ​

  • 27th Annual Teaching and Learning Conference (2022)

    Dr. Bettina Love delivered her talk, "We Gon’ Be Alright, But That Ain’t Alright: Abolitionist Teaching and the Pursuit of Educational Freedom," and faculty presenters shared their best practices and research related to teaching and learning.​

  • 26th Annual Teaching and Learning Conference (2021)

    The focus this year is on the potential impact of the pandemic and how ​we view others and build social connections, the way we view ourselves and our roles as educators, and the future of higher education at large.

  • 25th Annual Teaching and Learning Conference (2020)

    ​The 25th Annual Teaching and Learning Conference focused on the intersection of student mental health and academic success.​ 
  • Inclusive Learning Environments (2019)

    The theme for 2018 challenges us to reflect on the range of our students' diversity and how we account for it in our teaching practices . ​
  • Exploring the Power of Purpose (2018)

    ​The theme of 2018's conference invited us to reflect on our sense of personal meaning and connection to social purpose as educators.​
  • Beyond Grades (2017)

    How can we document student learning that is a result of our teaching practices?
  • High-Impact Practices for Transformative Learning (2016)

    The 2016 conference invited participants to examine High-Impact Practices (HIPs) that have significant, positive effects on student retention and learning.
  • Teaching Lifelong Learners (2013)

    The theme of 2013's conference focused on how knowing ourselves and our students can help us reach a wider range of learners and expand upon our existing approaches to teaching.
  • How Students Learn (2015)

    The theme of 2015's conference invited participants to consider what really works in the classroom.
  • Making the Most of Class Time (2014)

    The 2014 Teaching & Learning Conference invited DePaul faculty and staff to consider the value and possibilities of “real-time” interaction in the classroom and online.
  • Playing with a Purpose (2012)

    The 2012 conference asked presenters to explore how game design can inform effective teaching practices. In his keynote presentation, Professor James Paul Gee argued that good video games incorporate good principles of both teaching and learning.
  • Teaching as an Act of Body and Brain (2011)

    The theme of this conference focused on teaching as an act of body and brain. We encouraged presenters and attendees to consider the ways in which an awareness of the body and the physical space of the classroom can influence teaching and learning.
  • Challenging Our Students, Challenging Ourselves (2010)

    The theme of 2010's conference focused on challenging ourselves and challenging our students by setting high standards and using innovative teaching practices.
  • Pedagogy and Personalism (2009)

    The theme of 2009's conference focused on ways that personalism plays out in various teaching practices at DePaul.