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Course Design

  • Frameworks & Taxonomies of Learning

    Being familiar with frameworks and taxonomies of learning can help instructors design their courses more effectively.​
  • Course Objectives & Learning Outcomes

    Establishing objectives and learning outcomes helps instructors choose the right kind of assessments, materials and activities for their courses.​
  • Course Modalities

    Course modality refers to how a course is offered by the instructor.​
  • Alignment in Course Design

    The concept of alignment refers to how critical course elements work together to promote students' achievement of the intended learning outcomes. ​

  • The Syllabus

    The most effective syllabus​ goes beyond listing the logistics and the topics covered in the course.
  • Learning Materials

    Identify and obtain learning materials after clarifying course objectives and learning outcomes.​
  • Course Design Calendar

    ​A suggested course design calendar.

  • Midterm Surveys

    Surveying your students at the midpoint of the quarter can offer you valuable insights into what is going well and not so well in the courses that you’re teaching. ​