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Online Teaching Evaluations

Course evaluations are listed last in the iDePaul app for iOS
The Evaluations button in the iDePaul app for iOS.

Course evaluations at DePaul are conducted entirely online and are available to students via mobile devices. To help raise rates of return, faculty are strongly encouraged to allow students in face-to-face courses to fill out evaluations during class time, using a mobile device. Here are some recommendations on how to handle the process:

  • Alert students in advance of the scheduled day of evaluation, so that they can plan to bring a mobile device to class. Faculty members may want to include this information in their syllabi.
  • Allow at least 15 minutes for the evaluations.
  • Leave the room while students are completing the evaluations.
  • Encourage students without a mobile device to find a publicly available DePaul computer to complete the evaluations.
  • To share instructions with students, use the computer in your classroom to display the instructions below.

Mobile Access for Students

Online teaching evaluations at DePaul are available to students via mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Evaluations can be accessed the following ways:

  1. Email

    On your mobile device, open one of the periodic emails sent to you by Office of the Provost with the links to all your course evaluation forms. Follow the link of the course you wish to evaluate.

  2. Campus Connect

    On your mobile device, open a browser window and log into Campus Connect. Locate the “My Class Schedule” link and follow the link to the evaluation of the course you wish to evaluate.

  3. iDePaul App
  4. Available from the Google Play Store and the Apple iTunes Store, this app allows students to access online course evaluations on their Android or iOS device.

Accessing Your Own Reports and Adding Your Own Questions

In order to access the OTE system, follow these steps:

  1. Login to Campus Connect .
  2. Ensure you are viewing the correct homepage by checking the top-most dropdown menu. It should display Staff / Faculty Homepage. If not, click to select it.
  3. Click on the compass icon Compass icon in the top-right corner to open the navigation menu (called NavBar). 
  4. From the NavBar, click Navigator.
  5. Click Self Service > Faculty Center > Online Teaching Eval - Faculty.

Faculty can add up to 5 of their own questions (if enabled by college or department/program chair). If enabled, you will be notified that questions can be added in the seventh through ninth weeks of each quarter. Keep in mind the following when adding questions:

  1. Three types of questions are possible: open-ended, yes/no, and scales (e.g., Likert)
  2. There are character limits for both questions and answers:
    1. Text of each question (all types): 130 characters
    2. Text of students' answer to each open ended question: 3,999 characters
    3. Number of values in a scale: 7 values (minimum of 2)
    4. Text of each value description in a scale: 30 characters
  3. Remember to preview the entire evaluation to see if the questions you plan on adding are not already addressed.
If you need inspiration on what kinds of questions you might want to ask, download and view a guide on questions to consider asking your students.

Common University Questions

As of Fall 2017-18, there are 6 questions included in every instrument used for course evaluations at DePaul. You can view these questions by downloading the following PDF: 6 Common University Questions.
Previously, until Summer 2017, there were 5 different questions included in every instrument. The previous set of university-wide questions are available here: 5 Common University Questions.

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