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Reflect, Renew, Recharge: Teaching Sustainably to Prepare Lifelong Learners (2013)

Ann-Louise de Boer presenting at a Teaching and Learning Conference
Ann-Louise de Boer presenting at the 2013 DePaul Teaching and Learning Conference.
The theme of this year's conference focused on how knowing ourselves and our students can help us reach a wider range of learners and expand upon our existing approaches to teaching. We encouraged presenters and attendees to consider how they can use their own interests and passions to sustain their teaching and create a lasting impact on their students. How do you attempt to engage students who come from different disciplines or have varied learning preferences? What might renew and recharge your excitement for teaching?

Keynote Presentation

This year's keynote speaker was Dr. Ann-Louise de Boer, Research Fellow in the Department of Information Science at the University of Pretoria in South Africa.  She is the author of Whole Brain Learning in Higher Education: Evidence-Based Practice (2013) and holds a PhD in curriculum design.  Her keynote speech addressed how instructors can engage students who possess a diverse range of learning styles. 
Keynote Handout (3.6 MB)

Afternoon Workshop

In the afternoon, keynote presenter Dr. de Boer led a hands-on workshop giving participants a better understanding of their learning preferences.


  • Conference Program (278 KB)
  • Concurrent Sessions
    • "Vincent and Louise as Educators and Inspiring Roles Models for Students--and You!" [slides (4.87 MB)].  Patricia Bombard and J. Patrick Murphy, C.M. - School of Public Service.
    • "Building Community in the Classroom" [website].  Jo Dery (School of Cinema and Interactive Media) and Alex Marback (College of Computing and Digital Media student).
    • "Encouraging Creative and Critical Thinking Through Active Pedagogies" [Settle's slides (112 KB); Pando's slides (159 KB)]. Amber Settle (Jarvis ​College of Computing and Digital Media) and Jesus Pando (College of Science and Health).
    • "Remembering the Desire to Teach: Renewal Through Self-Reflection" [selected bibliography (119 KB)].  Mark Laboe - Student Affairs.
    • "Mobile Learning: Out of the Classroom and Into the World" [handout (135 KB)].  Kate Daniels (Faculty Instructional Technology Services), Erin Kasprzak (School of Continuing and Professional Studies), and Marcia Good (College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences).
    • "Sustainable International Service-Learning: Models and Principles of Successful Practice for Teaching, Learning, and Serving in International and Intercultural Contexts" [slides (587 KB)]. Jeffery Howard and Howard Rosing (Steans Center for Community-Based Service Learning) and Marco Tavanti and Michael Diamond (School of Public Service).