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Teaching Support

Teaching Support at DePaul extends the university's mission to offer excellent instruction and the best possible learning opportunities for all students. By supporting the needs of the faculty (including part-time, adjunct, full-time, tenure-track, new, and experienced faculty), DePaul's Center for Teaching and Learning helps to ensure that all university instructors have the tools and resources to teach well and the support to sustain such efforts amid their numerous other responsibilities.

Feedback on Teaching

Whether you are new to teaching or have decades of experience, receiving feedback from your students and from teaching support staff will help you to refine your approach, reflect on your teaching, and explore new strategies and methods. CTL offers three options for obtaining feedback on your teaching:

  • Midterm Student Feedback: Structured feedback from students on what is going well in the course and what can be improved.
  • Teaching Observation: Detailed, confidential feedback on your teaching based on an in-class observation.
  • Video Recording Consultation: Record one of your class sessions and, if you wish, review the recording with a CTL staff member during a one-on-one consultation.

Considerations About Privacy

The Center for Teaching and Learning maintains a confidential record that a consultation, Midterm Student Feedback session, or observation took place solely for the purpose of evaluating the program. Records are shared only among CTL staff and the faculty member. CTL's teaching support services are strictly for the purpose of professional development and all conversations, e-mails, and documents pertaining to the consultation or teaching feedback session are confidential and will not be released to anyone other than the individual who requested them.

Confidentiality will be maintained, except when required by legal regulations or university policies. Considerations about privacy and confidentiality with regard to CTL's teaching support services are guided by:


Sharon Guan, PhD
Assistant Vice President
DePaul University Center for Teaching and Learning
(773) 325-7726