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Full Contact Teaching: Making the Most of Class Time (2014)

Kelly Kessler
Kelly Kessler presenting at the 2014 DePaul Teaching and Learning Conference.

The 2014 Teaching & Learning Conference invited DePaul faculty and staff to consider the value and possibilities of “real-time” interaction in the classroom and online. The theme, “Full Contact Teaching: Making the Most of Class Time,” called us to imagine the range of interactive learning experiences that add value to person-to-person learning.

Keynote Presentation

About the Keynote Speaker

José Bowen is the eleventh president of Goucher College in Baltimore. Previously, he has taught at Stanford and Georgetown Universities, and was dean of the Meadows School of the Arts at Southern Methodist University. He has published over 100 scholarly articles and has appeared as a musician with Stan Getz, Bobby McFerrin, and others. He has written a symphony, music for Hubert Laws and Jerry Garcia, and is the author of Teaching Naked: How Moving Technology out of your College Classroom will Improve Student Learning. In addition to the keynote address, Bowen offered an afternoon workshop that gave faculty specific strategies and ideas for making the most out of face-to-face class time.


  • Conference Program (227 KB)
  • Jose Bowen
    • "Teaching Naked" [keynote slides (6.9 MB), handout (107KB)]
    • "Designing Assignments and Activities for Massively Better Classes" [workshop handout (206 KB)]
    • "Cognitive Wrapper Template" [workshop handout (DOCX, 150 KB)]
  • DePaul Presentations
    • "Blended Instruction with a Blended Team: A Teamwork Approach to Course Development and Teaching" [slides (14.3 MB)]. Jan Costenbader, Ozlem Elgun Tillman, Joanna Deszcz, Jennifer Galka, Tracey Connor - Quantitative Reasoning Center.
    • "Work Hard, Play Hard: What We Can Learn From Games" [slides (1.6 MB)]. Lauri Dietz, University Center for Writing-Based Learning.
    • "Raising Better Writers: What the Workplace Wants" [slides (4.8 MB), handout (136 KB)]. Judy Friedman, Ron Culp, Jason Martin, Jill Stewart - College of Communication.
    • "Rock, Paper, Scissors, Shoot - TNT for Writer's Block, Art Director's Block, and Any Other Kind of Block" [slides (3.2 MB)]. Ken Krimstein, College of Communication.
    • "Full Contact Learning: Employing the Body as a Learning Tool" [slides (1.7 MB), handout (110 KB)]. Mary Bridget Kustusch and Susan Fischer, Physics.
    • "What I Learned from Team-Based Learning" [slides (1.4 MB)]. Elizabeth LeClair, Biological Sciences.
    • "Inquiry Methods that Lead Students Through the Process of Authentic Scientific Discovery" [slides (305 KB), handout 1 (34 KB), handout 2 (25 KB)]. Sara Richardson, Biological Sciences.
    • "Enhancing Diversity Learning Through Online Modules" [slides (905 KB)]. D. Scott Tharp, Center for Intercultural Programs.