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Course Calendar

Timing Action
4-5 Weeks before
the term
› Begin course design.
Prepare course materials. E-mail students for any special requirements of the course such as specific books, reading due before the first day of class, special equipment, etc.
› Post office hours and contact information.
Reserve a computer classroom for the necessary class sessions.
1 Week before
the term
› Before the first day of class, communicate with students about the course syllabus, how they can prepare for the course, and office hours.
› Contact the bookstore to confirm text book orders for Lincoln Park and Loop classes.
› Set up your D2L grade book; create an initial survey to gauge student knowledge levels, experiences, and special interests.
› Check classroom to reacquaint self with space and technology available.
Week 1 › Term begins
› Last week to add classes
› Remind students to update their CampusConnect e-mail address.
› Complete the Attendance/Participation Survey in BlueStar by clicking the survey link you receive via e-mail.
Week 2 › Last week to drop classes with no penalty. 
› Last week to select pass/fail option.
Week 3 › Cancel a computer classroom reservation that is no longer needed.
› Conduct a low-stakes assessment in order to gauge how well your students are grasping course concepts.
Week 4 › Complete the Academic Progress Survey in BlueStar. Raise concerns or give praise to students as necessary. 
Week 5 › Midterm Week. Create and distribute a midterm survey​ to get feedback from your students.
Week 6 › Respond to student feedback from midterm survey.
Week 7 › Registration for current students
› Registration for new students
Week 8 Course evaluations in progress
Week 9 › Course evaluations in progress
Week 10 › Course evaluations in progress
Week 11 › Final Exam Week
Week 12 Grades due in Campus Connect
› Incomplete forms due (before issuing an “I” grade)
After the quarter Review teaching evaluation forms and feedback. Incorporate the feedback into your next course design.