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Flex Course Modalities

The novel coro​navirus pandemic has highlighted the need for more flexible modes of teaching and learning and accelerated technology improvements to DePaul's classrooms. Some of the new technology includes pan-and-zoom cameras, AI-assisted microphones, touch-screen monitors, upgraded digital projectors, and the hardware and software that bridges all of these devices together. These rooms can bridge the divide between students who are physically in the same room with students joining remotely via videoconference.

At DePaul, there are four new modes of teaching that involve Zoom-enabled classrooms: 

  • Flex (or Bimodal): Students choose to meet face-to-face or via Zoom based on their preferences and availability throughout the quarter
  • Flex Plus Zoom: One course divided into two sections of students:
    • One "Flex" section where students can choose between in-person or Zoom throughout the quarter
    • One Zoom-only section (called Online: Sync-Classroom Link in PeopleSoft)
  • On-Campus Plus Zoom: One course divided into two sections of students:
    • One section where in-person attendance is required
    • One Zoom-only section  (called Online: Sync-Classroom Link in PeopleSoft)
  • Hyflex (or Trimodal): One course divided into two sections of students:
    • One in-person section (which could be "Flex" or require in-person attendance)
    • One online asynchronous section where recordings of the synchronous sessions will be made available. This section​ is called Online: Asynch (Synch-Option) in PeopleSoft.

Discuss Options with Your Unit/Department

Your academic unit may have specific modalities that are preferred, discouraged, or limited. Be sure to discuss your preferred course format(s) with your department chair or program administrator before investing time in a redesign of your course materials and teaching plans.

Zoom Room Modality Comparison

Modality Requires In-Person Attendance Requires Synchronous Meetings Uses D2L # of Sections
Flex (Bimodal) No Yes Strongly Encouraged

(Students can float between on campus & Zoom)

Flex Plus Zoom

No Yes Yes

(1 Flex + 1 Zoom only)

On-Campus Plus Zoom Yes Yes Strongly Encouraged

(1 on campus + 1 Zoom only)

HyFlex (Trimodal) Maybe. Depends on whether on-campus section is classified as "Flex" or not.  Yes for the on-campus section. No for the asynchronous section. Yes

(1 Flex or on campus + 1 online asynchronous)

More on Modalities

If you'd like to know more about how these modalities compare to others available at DePaul, you can view the full list of available modalities.