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Presentations & Screen Sharing

Man recording presentation on computer

This page provides guidelines to help class presentations go as smoothly as possible for both remote students and students attending face-to-face in Flex classroom environments.

Screen Sharing

There are two ways you and your students can share screens:

  1. Join the Zoom meeting as usual (best for remote students):
    1. Join the Zoom meeting on your device and click Share.
    2. Then select which screen or application to share.
  2. Use share.zoom.us (best for on-campus students):
    1. Ask the student presenter to navigate to share.zoom.us and enter the meeting ID, personal link name, or Sharing Key.
    2. You can find the Sharing Key by clicking Share Content from the Zoom Room touchscreen.
    3. The presenter will then select which screen or application they want to share. Their webcam and microphone will automatically be disabled in order to prevent interference.

If you are sharing from a Zoom+/Trimodal Room, make sure your microphone and speakers are muted so as not to cause any audio interference.

​Screen Sharing Tips

Here are some tips you and your students might consider when sharing screens:

  • Ensure screen sharing is enabled in your meeting settings.
  • At the start of each presentation, the presenter may wish to verify everyone (both on-campus and remote students) can see their screen.
  • Limit the screen share to only the application that contains the presentation. By doing so, you minimize the risk of presenting other information that you may not wish to share, such as notifications from messaging applications or email.
  • If more than one application is needed for a presentation, share the window where the applications are visible. Remind students to close applications or snooze notifications in order to minimize distractions.
  • If an on-campus student does not have their own device, they can present using the podium PC by selecting Share Screen > Use laptop with Content PC from the Zoom for Rooms touchscreen. 
  • For PowerPoint presentations, use a dark background in order to help prevent a silhouette effect from the in-room cameras. DePaul's On Bran​d website offers PowerPoint templates with a dark theme for Flex classrooms.​
  • You may also wish to collect student presentations for review and grading in D2L using Submissions or Discussions. Submissions are viewable to only you as the instructor, while Discussions allow for students to see one another's work.

Asynchronous Presentations

Students don't necessarily have to use class time to present. You might prefer to let students create presentation recordings in advance and share their recordings on the discussion board. Using this approach, you could ask students to view one or more of their classmates' presentations before class and use class time to facilitate discussions of the points raised in the presentations or review strengths and areas for improvement in each presentation. 

For more on how students can record and share presentation videos, see the Panopto Student Guides.