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Diversity and Inclusion Partners and Resources

​Office of Institutional Diversity and Equity

Faculty can learn more about building an inclusive community by completing the BUILD Diversity Certificate, a professional development opportunity sponsored by the Office of Institutional Diversity and Equity (OIDE). In addition to offering the BUILD Diversity Certificate, OIDE provides grants for cultural programming, hosts the President's Diversity Council, and ensures compliance with DePaul's Anti-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy and Procedures.

The Center for Teaching and Learning 

The Center for Teaching and Learning provides teaching support services, including teaching consultations, opportunities for getting feedback on your teaching, learning experience​ design support, and more.

The following DePaul partners and resources are arranged alphabetically:

Adult Men of Color Initiative

The mission of the Adult Men of Color Initiative (AMOC) focuses on the recruitment, enrollment, retention, and empowerment for adult men of color at DePaul University’s School of Continuing and Professional Studies (SCPS).

The Center for Black Diaspora

The Center for Black Diaspora promotes and supports scholarly, cultural and creative work related to the experiences of peoples of African descent.

The Center for Latino Research (CLR)

The Center for Latino Research (CLR) strives to foster the empowerment and advancement of Latinx communities, including creating learning opportunities for students and supports scholars in their research.

The Collaborative for Multilingual Writing and Research 

The Collaborative for Multilingual Writing and Research (CMWR)extends the UCWbL’s support for DePaul’s growing international and multilingual communities. The CMWR offers a variety of weekly and quarterly events that provide participants a space to explore language, culture, and knowledge. All students, faculty, staff, and alumni are welcome. Faculty can request in-class presentations and one-on-one consultations as well.

Cross-Cultural Ambassadors

Inevitably there are times when inter-cultural conflict or misunderstandings arise, leaving both faculty and students feeling exasperated. When this happens, it can be helpful to talk to another a cross cultural ambassador who has more experience, whether it’s teaching in a different language, culture, or country.

DePaul Parent Connection

The DePaul Parent Connection is an institutional advisory group that advocates for and addresses the needs of parents among DePaul employees and provides opportunities for faculty and staff to build community.

DePaul University's Black Leadership Coalition (DPUBLC)

DePaul University's Black Leadership Coalition (DPUBLC) supports staff, faculty, students and alumni of African descent.

DePaul Women's Network

An organization for all women faculty and staff at the university, the DePaul Women's Network offers resources, professional development, networking events and more.

ELEVATE: DePaul's Asian/Asian American Professional Community

DePaul's Asian/Asian American Professional Community, ELEVATE, serves faculty and staff in order to build an engaged Asian/Asian American campus community.

English Language Academy (ELA)

The English Language Academy (ELA) is DePaul’s intensive English program, a non-degree program, that prepares students to succeed linguistically, academically, and professionally in their degree programs and professional endeavors. Many international students at DePaul go through the ELA prior to enrolling in their degree program. The ELA also offers pronunciation workshops for students.

Global Engagement

The office of Global Engagement encompasses International Admission, Study Abroad, International Student and Scholar Services, the English Language Academy, and many other offices and programs.

Identity-Specific Cultural and Resource Centers

Learn about DePaul’s Identity-Specific Cultural and Resource Centers for students.

International Students and Scholars Support Services (ISS)

International Students and Scholars Support Services offers ongoing advising and support for DePaul’s international students. They can assist students with any immigration, employment, health insurance, and other legal issues that come up. ISS also supports students’ academic and social success through various programming like Global Coffee Hour, Meals with DePaul, and ISEE Peer Mentor Program.

Latinos Empowered At DePaul (LEAD)

Latinos Empowered At DePaul (LEAD) is an affinity group committed to the advancement  and support of the Latino community.

LGBTQ Faculty and Staff Network

DePaul University's LGBTQ Faculty and Staff Network exists to support lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning faculty and staff at the university.

Office of Multicultural Student Success

Multicultural student support is a key strategy in DePaul University's efforts to admit, retain, and successfully graduate low-income college students, first generation college students, and students of color.

The University Center for Writing-based Learning

The University Center for Writing-based Learning supports students and faculty in a number of areas:

  • Writing Fellows Program: Fellows are assigned to your course to work with your students on their drafting and revising processes.
  • In-class Workshops: Customized, interactive workshops that focus on a variety of writing-based topics are offered by request.
  • Writing Center Presentations: To encourage your students to use the Writing Center, you can request a Writing Center presentation in your class.

Veteran and Military Employee Resource Group (MERG)

The Military Employee Resource Group (MERG) establishes a community at DePaul that will support service members.