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Programs and Support for Teaching in a Global Classroom

An instructor and her students
DePaul has a number of offices and support programs that are aimed at supporting both students and faculty in a global classroom. 

For Your Students

International Students & Scholars Support Services (ISS)

International Students and Scholars Support Services offers ongoing advising and support for DePaul’s international students. They can assist students with any immigration, employment, health insurance, and other legal issues that come up. ISS also supports students’ academic and social success through various programming like Global Coffee Hour, Meals with DePaul, and ISEE Peer Mentor Program. 

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International Students & Scholars Support Services (ISS) provides international students with both pre-arrival and on-campus orientations and resources for student success. Getting to know these resources can help you understand what your students have been introduced to.

English Language Academy (ELA) 

The English Language Academy (ELA) is DePaul’s intensive English program, a non-degree program, that prepares students to succeed linguistically, academically, and professionally in their degree programs and professional endeavors. Many international students at DePaul go through the ELA prior to enrolling in their degree program. The ELA also offers pronunciation workshops for students. 

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University Center for Writing-based Learning (UCWbL) 

The University Center for Writing-based Learning (UCWbL) works with students (and faculty too) on a variety of literacy practices: textual, digital, visual, and oral. 

  • Writing-based tutoring: Students can work with a peer-writing tutor in an in-person, an online-synchronous, or an online-asynchronous appointment during any stage of their writing process.
  • Conversation Partners: English language learners can work with tutors to practice and develop their spoken English fluencies. 
  • Multimodal tutoring: Tutors can help your students work on projects involving a variety of multimedia, such as ePortfolios, presentations, and projects that may not include text. 

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The Collaborative for Multilingual Writing and Research (CMWR)

The Collaborative for Multilingual Writing and Research (CMWR) extends the UCWbL’s support for DePaul’s growing international and multilingual communities. The CMWR offers a variety of weekly and quarterly events that provide participants a space to explore language, culture, and knowledge. All students, faculty, staff, and alumni are welcome. Faculty can request in-class presentations and one-on-one consultations as well. 

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For Faculty

One-on-One Support 

Cross-Cultural Ambassadors

Inevitably there are times when inter-cultural conflict or misunderstandings arise, leaving both faculty and students feeling exasperated. When this happens, it can be helpful to talk to another faculty member who has more experience, whether it’s teaching in a different language, culture, or country. 

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Consultations and Feedback

The Center for Teaching and Learning provides teaching support services, including teaching consultations, opportunities for getting feedback on your teaching, instructional design support, and more. 

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The University Center for Writing-based Learning supports faculty in a number of areas:

  • Writing Fellows Program: Fellows are assigned to your course to work with your students on their drafting and revising processes. 
  • In-class Workshops: Customized, interactive workshops that focus on a variety of writing-based topics are offered by request.
  • Writing Center Presentation: To encourage your students to use the Writing Center, you can request a Writing Center presentation in your class. 

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Global Learning Experience (GLE)

Global Learning Experience (GLE) is an initiative at DePaul that offers grants to faculty members who integrate meaningful global conversations into their courses. 

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Global Engagement Grants Program

Global Engagement offers a Quality of Instruction Council (QIC) grant for DePaul tenured and tenured-track faculty members to collaborate with an international partner institution or faculty member for an enhanced teaching and learning experience. 

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More Ways to Get Involved

Lead a study abroad trip. Host an event on behalf of the university while you’re travelling abroad. Serve on an internationalization committee. Or simply open up your home and share a meal with a group of international students. There are a number of opportunities for you to get involved in DePaul’s globally-connected community.

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