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Welcome to the Career Exploration Community!

The Career Exploration Community helps students and alumni learn about themselves and explore various career paths. Whether you are unsure of what is possible, weighing a few different options or fall somewhere in between, the Career Exploration Community is here to support and guide you. Using the VIPS - values, interests, personality, skills - model we help you navigate your personal career path and work towards a successful and gratifying career.



The Career Center provides 2-credit exploratory courses to help you learn about your interests, your strengths, and how to present those on your resume, during interviews, and as part of your online brand.

  • CLD 200 - Design Your Future: Career & Major Exploration
  • CLD 205 – Create Your Career Toolkit
  • CLD 210 – Harness Your Strengths
  • CLD 215 – Launch Your Search: Job & Internship Search Strategies
  • CLD 220 – International Students: Job & Internship Search Strategies
  • CLD 225 - Reposition Your Career Plan
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