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Career Advising

The future is bright — let us guide you.

Not sure what the future holds? Need support along the way? That’s exactly where we come in. Whether you’re a freshman or an alumnus, it’s never too early (or too late) to utilize our services.  Our Career Advisors are each aligned with a Career Community. Career Communities are organized by industry, not major, to help you explore options and connect with tailored resources and programs.

  • Find Your Career Community

    Find Your Career Community

    Career Communities are your guide for exploring, making connections and launching a career in a specific field of interest. Which Career Community fits your interests? You can select more than one!

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  • Exploring Careers and Interests

    Exploring Careers & Interests

    Explore how your values, interests, passions and skills connect to career options.

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  • Business, Entrepreneurship and Consulting

    Business, Entrepreneurship & Consulting

    The BEC Community serves those interested in the utilization of strategy and analysis to help organizations function efficiently. Career areas include accounting, finance, leadership, management, hospitality, market research and analytics, HR, and business development.

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  • Education, Nonprofit and Government

    Education, Nonprofit & Government

    The ENPG Community serves those interested in helping and advocating for others, educating children and adults, solving societal issues, creating policy and serving in government (federal, local, municipal) roles.

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  • Health Care and Science

    Health Care & Science

    This community focuses on improving lives by applying research and technology to fieldwork, clinical environments, lab functions, and a wide variety of other roles.

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  • Media, Communication, Arts and Entertainment

    Media, Communication, Arts & Entertainment

    The MCAE Community focuses on careers that use various media to produce creative, compelling expression. These fields emphasize strong written and verbal communication skills, artistic/creative expression, and an understanding of communication and information channels.

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  • Technology and Design

    Technology & Design

    This community is focused on the implementation of skill-sets anchored in visual design, interactivity, research, user experience, and data analysis to inform decisions, solve complex problems, and drive innovation.

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  • Drop-in Career Coaching

    Drop-in for a career coaching appointment with one of our peer coaches or peer ambassadors. You can get your resume reviewed, get job search tips, practice interview and more. No appointment needed!

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  • Alumni Career Services

    Access the variety of services to help you reach your career goals, develop your skills, and make connections.

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