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Work & Learn Courses

​​​​​​​Earn academic credits and fulfill your Experiential Learning (EL) credit while engaging in workplace learning at your internship or job.

Course Information

UIP 250 enhances your career development through analysis and reflection of yourself and your work experience, connecting your coursework and your workplace learning. You will learn how to navigate the changing workplace while gaining strategies for making informed career and work-life decisions. In this course you will make meaning of your work and explore next steps.

All current DePaul undergraduate students can apply for enrollment, and the course can be repeated two times. If this is your second time enrolling in UIP 250 and/or have already fulfilled your Experiential Learning (EL) requirement, this course will be counted as a general elective course. We offer this course year round.​

UIP 250 Eligibility Requirements & Enrollment

In order to receive academic credit for your work experience through enrollment in UIP 250, your position must meet the following qualifications:

1.  The work performed should be significant, allowing you to hone skills while exploring career development issues and interests. It can not entail more than 25% clerical, retail, or service work.

2.  Your work experience must run for the duration of the course, accumulating a minimum of 80 hours during the quarter you are enrolled.

3.  Your supervisor must be a paid professional within the organization. Students that apply using a position where they are the organizations’ founder or co-founder and/or do not have an immediate supervisor will not be approved for enrollment in UIP 250.

4.  Your position should allow you to receive substantial interaction with professional staff who offer feedback and mentorship and can discuss the organization’s vision, goals, and objectives.

Did you know you could fulfill DePaul's Experiential Learning (EL) requirement when you pair your approved work experience with enrollment in UIP 250? Apply for enrollment in 4 easy steps:



1. Secure an internship or job

Before you can apply for UIP 250, you must first secure an internship, campus employment, a research position, or a job that will run synchronously to the quarter you’re applying for. We cannot approve previous work experiences. UIP will review each position individually ensuring that it meets the requirements (see FAQ below).


2. Visit

Log in with your Campus Connect info, and complete your registration: filling in your contact information and student profile. You can access this at any time via the My Profile tab on the left-hand navigation bar.


3. Complete and submit your application

From the homepage (dashboard), Click on Apply for Enrollment button inside the Internship Course Application box. Follow the prompts to complete your application, and click save to submit. UIP requires an official job description that includes a breakdown of your role and responsibility. You will receive a confirmation email once submitted and are able to view the status of your application by checking the approval workflow under My Internship Records. 


4. Get enrolled

Once your application is approved by both UIP and your supervisor, the UIP team will enroll you in UIP 250. UIP accepts applications on a rolling basis and fills the sections as applications are approved. Our application will close on the third day of each academic quarter. If your application is not approved before the sections fill or the enrollment cut off period (end of the first week of the term), we cannot enroll you.

​​ ​

​Frequently Asked Questions​

If you think your job/internship may not meet the requirements for enrollment, we encourage your to reach out to UIP directly. We approve applications on a case by case scenario, and depending on the work experience and specifics of your job function, we may be able to work with you and your supervisor to develop a special project or temporarilyy elevate your roles and responsibilities for the duration of enrollment.  

We recognize the wide variety of work experiences of our students. Students may submit an application for enrollment using both paid and unpaid work experiences. We also accept the following work experiences, so long as they meet our enrollment requirements: internships, on-campus employment (C & D level positions only), part-time and full-time jobs, and research positions. We will review each application on a case-by-case basis. 

F-1 and J-1 international students are eligible to work on- and off-campus with certain restrictions. All off-campus work authorization requires prior approval from International Student and Scholar Services (ISS). If you have any questions regarding employment authorization, contact ISS.

As an international student, you must:

IMPORTANT – You must receive authorization from ISS before starting your work experience associated with UIP 250.

Yes! The Internship Plus program was established to support DePaul University students participating in unpaid internships that demonstrate financial need. This program awards up to $2500 in financial assistance to eligible undergraduate students working in a quarter-long unpaid internship. 

You can also find additional funding sources here.

The UIP Team is available to walk you through the enrollment process and answer any questions you may have regarding eligibility, qualifications and more! Contact us at