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About the Career Center

Find your purpose and jumpstart your career

Where personal discovery, connections and support lead to rewarding outcomes

At the DePaul University Career Center, we believe the path to your successful future starts with you. By helping you understand and shape your passions, interests and skills, we connect you with majors, internships, jobs and opportunities so that you can take on Chicago—and the world—with vigor, knowledge and preparation. We are dedicated to:

  • Encouraging personal discovery → so your career aligns with your interests and passions.
  • Leveraging business, alumni and community connections in the city of Chicago and around the world → so you can avail of ever-growing opportunities and step readily in the network of success.
  • Developing diverse, real-world skills → so you are fully prepared and empowered.
  • Supporting students, alumni, faculty and employers at every step.

Meet the career experts at DePaul to discover passions and learn how to make lasting connections. ​