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Elements of a successful resume

Your resume is a key marketing tool, and a major piece in your toolkit. Your resume puts a spotlight on your personal brand and promotes you as an ideal candidate to potential employers. The goal in writing a resume is to make yourself attractive to potential employers, securing you the opportunity to interview with the organization.

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Introduction to Writing a Resume handout

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The most effective format for your resume depends on what you have done and what you are trying to accomplish. There are two resume formats to consider:


This type of format very clearly displays your work history and is the most commonly used. In a chronological format, your most recent work experience is listed first. Job titles and employers are emphasized in order to show a progressive job history. In addition, your responsibilities, skills and accomplishments are described in detail.​


This format allows you to focus on relevant skills rather than recent positions. In a functional format, the skills and accomplishments you've learned from previous employment and experiences (i.e., classroom and/or volunteer) are highlighted and divided into three or more categories based on a common, skill-based theme. ​

What about aesthetics?

A minimalist approach to resume aesthetics is sometimes more effective. The less is more approach will still allow your resume to exude a strong sense of aesthetics without overwhelming the employer. Before you decide to incorporate more elaborate designs, it's important to also consider how receptive your industry is to creative resumes. Learn more about resume dos and don'ts, and how to incorporate design elements on the HireDePaul blog. 

Resume samples and guides

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