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Graduate School Guide

Considering Graduate or Professional School?

Deciding whether to attend graduate or professional school is a big decision and requires careful consideration, research and planning. Before you begin filling out applications, you must reflect on your goals, determine if your field requires an advanced degree, consider how to finance your education, and finally, research schools and programs and rank them to find the right fit for you.

Research Programs and Institutions

Request a graduate catalogue and other available statistics on the programs in which you are interested. This can be done online from the school’s website, or by phone or mail. Peterson’s Guide to Graduate School can provide you with a quick overview of several schools and the programs they offer, as well as articles and advice on evaluating programs, preparing for the application process, and financing your next educational journey.

Preparing Personal Statements

The Career Center’s Guide to Preparing Personal Statements serves as a starting point for students and alumni developing personal statements for graduate schools and professional programs. Find approaches used to create personal statements, as well as best practices, tips, and additional resources for developing a successful statement.

Consider having your personal statement reviewed by the University Center for Writing-based Learning and freshening up your resume with a peer career advisor.​