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International Employment and Working Abroad

International employment can include working in a country abroad, working for an international company with a presence in the United States, or working in a job that requires global travel. There are many opportunities, both short-term and long-term, to travel internationally while gaining new skills and exploring new places.

Working Internationally: Is It For You?

When considering why you want to live and work abroad, it’s important to ask yourself some essential questions throughout the process which can help you understand if this path is realistic for you. In this blog post from our ENPG Career Advisor, Jen Fleming, we discuss how to identify your "why", examine how to secure employment abroad, and provide a list of resources for getting started.

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Global Job Search Resources

The following sites are great resources both for full-time positions and internship opportunities. They include information about moving overseas, employment legalities, work authorization, and cultural awareness.

  • GoinGlobal is the market leader in helping job seekers of all nationalities fast track their career explorations both at home and abroad. Created by country experts, GoinGlobal features worldwide job and internship resources for more than 120 locations, including location-specific career guides, key corporate profiles, a proprietary H1B visa search engine and 16 million-plus job and internship postings.

High Recognition International Organizations:

Internships through DePaul Study Abroad

Complete an internship as part of a DePaul study abroad program. Earn academic credit, build career skills, and gain experience all in an international work setting. Opportunities vary by program and student skills.

Past students have worked in public relations in London, Parliament offices in Dublin, finance in Mexico, hospitality in Switzerland, and non-governmental organizations associated with the European Union in Leuven.

See a current list of study abroad programs that offer internship opportunities. 

Teaching English Abroad

Teaching English can be an accessible and popular avenue for working overseas. Requirements often include a bachelor's degree and proficiency as a native English speaker. An ESL teaching certification is not always required, but it can open doors to university jobs, higher salaries, and positions in tighter markets.