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At the Career Center, we've established a network of professionals as well as an extensive pool of resources and tools to help you execute a successful job or internship search. We leverage the city of Chicago to provide strong business, alumni and community connections for our students and graduates. When it comes to finding career opportunities that are the right fit, we can help.

  • Job Search Basics

    Your job search materials and interviews should showcase to employers how your skills and experience match their needs. 

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  • Finding an Internship

    Employers want candidates to have tangible work experience on their resume. One of the best ways to build this is through internship experiences.

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  • Handshake

    Explore thousands of job and internship opportunities from employers who are excited to hire DePaul students and alumni.

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  • On-Campus Jobs

    An on–campus job offers more than just a paycheck—It’s an opportunity to build professional skills and gain experience.

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  • Job Fairs & Events

    The Career Center hosts a variety of events welcoming top employers from Chicago and beyond, seeking candidates from all backgrounds.

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  • Networking & Connections

    Knowing the right way to network and make connections can help you get hired and grow your career.

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  • Job Shadowing

    Job shadowing is a short-term experience that allows you to learn about a career you're interested in.

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  • Working Abroad

    There are many opportunities, both short-term and long-term, to travel internationally while gaining new skills and exploring new places.

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