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Job Shadow Program

​​Host DePaul Students On-Site or Virtually at Your Organization

DePaul's Job Shadow Program (JSP) is an experiential learning opportunity designed to introduce students to potential career pathways and professional work environments. This active engagement (onsite or virtually) allows your company/organization to build/strengthen your campus brand and expand your talent pool, while providing students with an opportunity for career exploration.

JSP is a day-long or half-day long experience where students are given the opportunity to participate in high impact engagement activities, such as informational interviews, networking, office/site tours, hands-on projects, panels, etc., throughout the day. You can host one student, or as many as you'd like. Students are matched up with employers based on preference. ​​

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can you guarantee each student a match?
No.  We do our best to place students at one of their listed preferences, however, there is no guarantee that they'll receive one of those shadows.

Are all job shadows 9–5pm?

Most of the employers offer students a full, typical work day experience. However, some employers may offer a half day – it depends on each host site.  Regardless of the number of hours, we encourage students to make the most of their shadow experience by asking questions, following up with each professional they connect with and staying in touch with contacts.

Can I host students virtually?
Yes! This format can still be just as beneficial and allow for experiences to translate to your everyday work life, especially during today’s environment. The most commonly used platform at DePaul is Zoom. If you choose to host virtually, we ask that you schedule and prepare a Zoom event with registration and password for security and documenting purposes.

​​How do I design my shadow day?

We are here to assist and support you. We can provide templates and examples of what previous partners have done. Feel free to set up an appointment with us to discuss and plan your shadow day. ​

When is the best time to host a DePaul student as part of the Job Shadow Program?

​Traditionally, we offer the program during academic breaks, i.e., Summer Break, December Intersession or Spring Break, as students do not usually take classes over these time periods. 

Ready to Host a Job Shadow?

Interested in participating in the Job Shadow Program? Complete this interest form​ and a member of our team will reach out to you with next steps.  You can also reach out to us at with any questions.