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Services for New & Incoming Students

Own Your Journey. Create Your Future.

Throughout your time at DePaul you will be working towards your personal definition of success. Whether you’re pursuing an internship, graduate school, or a job offer, the Career Center is here to empower and guide you in defining and navigating your journey.

Learn about Career Communities

Your major does not equal your career! We don't assign you a career advisor based on your major. Instead, you have the opportunity to join one or more career communities based on your interests. Each career community offers access to an expert advisor, and a student career ambassador eager to share their experiences and insights, curated opportunities, events, resources, and more! 

You can select more than one! To join a community, log into Handshake and update your Career Interests.

Preparing for Your First Appointment (Tips & Tricks)

Deciding to stop by the Career Center is a great first step in your first-year student Career Readiness journey. You do not need to know what you want to discuss when you make your appointment. Just schedule an appointment by logging into Handshake.

Not sure what to talk about? Do not worry our Advisors and Peer Mentors are here to help with any of these topics and more!

  • Need help creating or editing a resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, or portfolio?
  • Want to explore what career opportunities to look into, based on your interests & skills?
  • Want to find your next step, whether it’s a summer job or internship, or it’s finding events on-campus that can help you get to know professionals in your field of interest?
  • Preparing for a job or internship interview, or need help finding applications that fit your wants and needs?

To remind you, advising is a conversation. Your advisor is looking to personalize this time with you in any way that best fits your upcoming goals–even if you haven’t quite figured out your next steps. Ask questions, share important and specific details that will allow your advisor to help you find fitting opportunities, and keep in touch with your advisor, because they will be a crucial resource during your time at DePaul and beyond.

You did it! You completed you first appointment at the Career Center. Check out some additional recommended next steps:

  • Sign up for your Career Community Advisor’s Newsletter, to receive information about upcoming industry events, job and internship opportunities, and more.
  • Join your Career Community LinkedIn group page for internship and job opportunities and professional development resources. 
  • Keep in touch with your advisor! You are encouraged to schedule another appointment with your advisor for additional information or guidance. (You can even do so after you graduate!)

First-Year Student Resource Toolkit

Check out the curated list of resources from our Career Library

Enroll in a 2 Credit Career Course

While registering for classes, consider adding one of our 2 credit career courses. These classes focus on helping you explore and prepare for the next step in your journey - and, at 2 credits each, they typically fit nicely into your tuition package. Ask your academic advisor about adding one of the following:

Build a foundation for your career by discovering your values, interests, personality, and skills all while exploring careers and majors of interests.

Create your career communications suite and set yourself up for success in networking, applying for jobs, and acing interviews.

Identify your talents and learn to build those into strengths you can leverage for career success.

Learn the skills to be strategic in your job/internship search process from organization research to best practices in negotiating offers.