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Interviewing with confidence

Being prepared will give you the confidence you need to successfully highlight your skills and accomplishments during the interviewing process. There are multiple ways for you to brush up on your in-person or video interviewing skills.

Schedule a practice interview 

Through the Alumni Sharing Knowledge (ASK) network, we can connect you with an alumni volunteer or professional in your field that can simulate a job or internship interview and provide one-on-one guidance. Practice interviews generally last about an hour and will mimic similar conditions you may encounter during a real interview. The ASK Practice Interviews are offered on a by-request basis via

Click here for tips on how to search for and request a practice interview with an alumni volunteer.

Conduct a video mock interview

InterviewStream is a video mock interview system that allows you to practice common interview questions on your computer, laptop or mobile device anywhere, any time. You can choose from over 25 mock interviews created by the Career Center, or select your own set of questions. There’s no limit on the amount of interviews you can take. Afterwards, consider conducting a self-assessment or asking for feedback from the Career Center. Get started with this Student User Guide and create an account today.