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Build your job search toolkit

Your resume, cover letter, and portfolio are key elements in your job-seeking toolkit that, together, present your educational background, skill sets, experiences and passions to employers. These elements are how you market yourself, shine a spotlight on your personal brand, and ultimately, land you an interview.

  • Resumes


    Learn how to build a resume that emphasizes your skills, goals and accomplishments, and captures your personal brand.

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  • Cover Letters

    Cover Letters

    Highlight your qualifications and make a powerful first impression with a strategic, customized cover letter.

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  • Personal Statements

    Personal Statements

    Your personal statement, also called “letter of intent” or “statement of purpose”, is an opportunity to explain why you are an ideal candidate for a specific graduate or professional school program.

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  • Personal Brand

    Your Personal Brand

    If your resume and cover letter tell your professional story, your personal brand drives the character development. In short, it's all about "Why you?".

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  • portfolio


    Build a visual demonstration of your skills and present your best work with a print or digital portfolio, or demo reel. Learn how to create an impactful pitch that touches on what you can offer to the workplace and reiterates your interests.

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  • Interviews


    Being prepared will give you the confidence you need to successfully highlight your skills and accomplishments during the interviewing process. Practice online with InterviewStream.

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  • Salary and Negotiation

    Salary & Negotiation

    The most exciting part of the job or internship search process is receiving an offer! Get tips for evaluating the offer and negotiating the offer package.

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