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Mission, Vision & Strategic Plan

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At the DePaul University Career Center, we believe the path to your successful future starts with you. By helping you understand and shape your passions, interests and skills, we connect you with majors, internships, jobs and opportunities so that you can take on Chicago—and the world—with vigor, knowledge and preparation.

Our Vision

The DePaul Career Center inspires excitement about the future and empowers DePaul students to own and shape their personal and professional journeys.

Our Mission

The DePaul Career Center helps students build confidence, explore possibilities, and develop a powerful personal brand. We leverage our relationships with employers, alumni, faculty and staff to facilitate meaningful experiences, mentoring connections and partnerships that position students for success in their careers and their communities.

What We Believe

In the DePaul Career Center:

  • We believe in DePaul students and alumni and in their potential to have successful, fulfilling careers.
  • We believe a DePaul education provides students with the knowledge, skills and experiences to succeed in a continually changing workplace.
  • We believe success is individually defined, and exploring purpose plays a role in determining what success looks like.
  • We believe there are many career options that align with a student’s interests, skills, personality and values; major does not have to equal career.
  • We believe career exploration can be inspiring and fun and that it’s never too early to begin exploring.
  • We believe there is no “right” place to start; we help students at every stage of their journey.
  • We believe preparing career-ready students requires an integrated effort with faculty, staff and other campus partners.
  • We believe our employers are essential partners who provide meaningful experiences, industry knowledge that can inform curriculum, and vital connections to the communities in which our students and alumni live and work.

Strategic Plan 2020

In 2017-18, the DePaul University Career Center embarked on a change process to envision and develop the next generation of career services at DePaul. We examined environmental and industry trends that impact how we deliver career services to ensure we could meet the needs of our students, employers, alumni, and the university community.

Our examination culminated with the release of the Career Center's 2020 strategic plan and coincided with the start of the university-wide strategic planning process, as the DePaul community worked together to envision the university's future. The Career Center's Strategic Plan 2020 creates the foundation for our ability to deliver on Grounded in Mission: The Plan for DePaul 2024.

The plan includes five high-level priorities and provides the visionary framework to guide us as we transform DePaul University's career exploration landscape:

  • Integrating career into the campus ecosystem
  • Developing a holistic model for delivering quality career education and experiences
  • Collecting rich, relevant data that help inform strategy and create compelling stories to demonstrate impact
  • Defining and building career readiness
  • Engaging employers and alumni to provide meaningful experiences, mentoring connections and industry knowledge

Download the Plan

Annual Report 2018-2019

During academic year 2018-19, the first year of our new strategic plan, we created the structures and foundations that will enable us to help students navigate the intersection of interests, skills, values and passions.

We are proud to report on the progress we made, and excited to highlight some of the key initiatives and stories from the year. Thank you to all of the university partners who collaborated with us and contributed to making career an integral part of the university landscape.

Download the Report